1. Jamestown, Virginia 1611
    While cows were first domesticated about 5,000 years ago, the first dairy cows were not brought to America until the 17th century – arriving in Jamestown, Virginia in 1611.
  2. 40 pounds of food a day!
    Cows drink about a bathtub full of water and eat around 40 pounds of food a day! Cows spend about 6 hours eating and 8 hours chewing cud (regurgitated, partially digested food) a day – that’s 14 hours!
  3. Four stomachs?
    Cows don’t have four stomachs – they have four digestive compartments (rumen, reticulum, omasum, and abomasums).
  4. 160 glasses of milk!
    An average cow, milked twice a day, produces about 10 gallons of milk a day – that’s 160 glasses of milk!
  5. Average body temperature:
    The average body temperature of a cow is 101.5 degrees F – almost 3 degrees higher than the normal human body temperature.
  6. Millions of cows
    Around 9.2 million cows are being milked on 110,000 farms in the United States.